API Quickstart Guide

We are providing API access to our uQRNG service free of charge to users during our initial launch. Users can access up to 1 billion bits from the uQRNG service per month with a maximum requests size of 1 million QRNs.

Need more QRNs, please contact us at sales@quantumcomputinginc.com.

The first step to start using QCI’s QRNG-API is to contact QCI’s sales team at sales@quantumcomputinginc.com. You will receive an email response with an API access token and instructions on how to get started.

Using your access token, you’ll authenticate with the QRNG service (standard OAuth 2.0 authentication) and use the refresh token obtained from the authentication process in subsequent requests to the QRNG service.

Examples of authenticating and making QRNG requests are shown below using the curl, Python, and R programming languages:



Once the user has obtained the Bearer token calls can be made to the QRNG-API as follows:


[5845, 7686, 2788, 7021, 1913]

To check QRNG service usage statistics (reported as the number of bits of QRN data consumed for a given time period:


{'n_bits': 48077040}

For further information on features and usage of API see full API reference guide here.

Open API specification is available at https://api.qci-next.com/qrng/docs