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What Will Drive Quantum Computing?

An article this week, Technology or Use Case:What Will Drive Quantum Computing? , included some baseline realities regarding the state of quantum today, the challenges to its production use in the near term, and its

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Quantum: It’s Not Just About Speed

We all hear the constant hype about how fast quantum computers will be. So we all come to expect supersonic speeds for every need, whether it’s a mathematical computation, an artificial intelligence learning new things

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quantum optimization

The Path To Quantum Optimization

First –  let’s all recognize that quantum optimization is not just around the corner. Yes, you can run some problems today. But quantum computers aren’t yet ready to process real-world business problems, such as logistics

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The QUBO Primer You Need: Part 2

As we learned in Part 1, QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) problems are mathematical problems expressed in terms of binary variables, which may include constraints. They’re important to businesses who need to solve constrained optimization

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