QUBT University

Are you ready to tell all your friends you solved a computation on a quantum computer?
Welcome to QUBT University!

Learn About Quantum Computing

Quantum programming is new and complex, even more so than the quantum hardware itself.

QUBT University gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of classical and quantum computers, using advanced quantum techniques. Without having to spend months to learn how to use a quantum SDK.

With Qatalyst, you can solve your first quantum-ready problems within a few days!

Solve on Classical and Quantum

You don’t have to wait for quantum computers to get experience with quantum techniques.

Qatalyst, our ready-to-run quantum software, uses quantum-ready algorithms and other techniques to solve complex problems on classical machines with more accuracy and better results.

You’ll solve your first problems using quantum-inspired classical, then submit the same exact problem formats to a quantum computer.

Learn to solve quantum-ready computations without the need for complex, low level quantum coding.

QUBT U Qualifications

University professors or classes, quantum groups or clubs that are interested in QUBT University should have some of the following experience and skills:


Learn about quantum algorithms like QUBO & QAOA, and how to use them to solve complex computations

Practice & Test

Solve complex constrained optimization problems using Qatall=yst with classical systems

Run on Quantum

Create a quantum problem, submit it through the Qatalyst API and solve it using a quantum computer in the AWS cloud

Learn About QUBT U

QUBT U participants receive: