Quantum-secured Networks

Elevating Cybersecurity to the Quantum Realm

QCi’s latest nanophotonic quantum application is in response to ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and a future in which quantum computers can break current encryption algorithms.

Our first-of-a-kind Quantum Authentication Solution (QAS) employs the laws of physics to eliminate the vulnerability at the heart of modern cryptography: the “trusted” third-party that’s required to know the private key in public-private key (PPK) infrastructure.

QAS fixes the inherent vulnerabilities in both PPK and QKD (Quantum Key Exchange/Distribution) with a patented trustless system that prepares businesses for the pre- and post-quantum era.

Our quantum authentication hardware solution includes an ultrabright source of entangled photons and a Zero-Knowledge Proof quantum communication protocol to offer:

QCi is ready to work with you to customize the current power and distance of our QAS to meet your needs.

Modular Quantum Security Extensions

QCi is building a full quantum-secure communications network. Beyond quantum authentication are other QCi cyber security components, including:

Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

Quantum Key Exchange/Distribution (QKD)

Quantum Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) chips

QCi’s quantum secure communication offerings fill several critical gaps in the current quantum cryptography landscape and provide unconditionally secure authentication.

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