Quantum Photonic Vibrometer

Quantum remote sensing optimized for sensitivity and speed

The first quantum-accelerated nanophotonics vibrometer

Unlock the future of non-contact material detection with our Quantum Photonic Vibrometer. This revolutionary device, proven to the US Department of Defense, leverages quantum mechanics to detect and inspect highly obscured objects at greater distances and opens new frontiers in remote sensing and beyond.

Quantum Sensitivity

We leverage the principles of quantum mechanics to deliver unparalleled detection accuracy, capturing the minute details only available at single photon level, outperforming traditional vibrometers.

Quantum Speed

Our quantum-accelerated photon detection measurement means unmatched speed in data collection and processing, enabling effective decision-making in time-critical scenarios never before seen in remote sensing.

Quantum Resolution

Only quantum-aided remote sensing can achieve the granular observations needed to distinguish between the target object and its noisy environment, enhancing remote sensing capabilities and resolution.


QCi has developed the first quantum long-range vibrometer, taking advantage of the profound benefits quantum technology enables. Every material has a unique fingerprint of natural frequency. We use quantum photonic detection to recognize and isolate those materials at greater speed and fidelity than any non-quantum alternatives can achieve, and with minimal power.

This enables numerous applications:

Our Future Plans

Our vision is to provide revolutionizing remote sensing to as many people as possible. Upcoming features and capabilities of the Quantum Photonic Vibrometer include:
A significantly extended detection range
Preparing our vibrometer to operate in extreme environmental conditions such as space
The ability to be affixed to a drone
Installed on an advanced semiconductor offering extreme size and weight advantages

How Our Single-Photon Vibrometer Works

How Our Single-Photon
Vibrometer Works

QCI’s quantum-accelerated Quantum Photonic Vibrometer is used to measure surface vibrations. It’s also compatible with current classical measurement techniques to enhance existing approaches.

The technique works by using a special type of sensor that can detect single photons. It measures changes in the number of photons as the target surface is slightly moved or tilted. By using pulses of light with a specific repetition rate, the system captures variations in photon counts over a certain time period. This data is processed to convert the measurements into a time-series of photon counts.

Our Quantum Photonic Vibrometer features:


Available Early 2024

Unlock a new era of remote sensing and enhance your capabilities in material detection, surveillance, and non-destructive evaluation.
Contact us to discover how this revolutionary quantum device can improve your operations.
The Quantum Photonic Vibrometer is also sold as part of the QpDAR Sensor Suite for the military.


Technical Description

Quantum Photonic Vibrometer (QPV) is a remote displacement and vibration sensing technique that detects ultra-weak backscattered optical signals at the single-photon level. It uses a Geiger mode Avalanche Photodiode (APD) to directly count these signals. Unlike traditional systems, QPV is suitable for low-flux applications where the number of returning photons is much less than one per probe pulse. The system operates with 50 MHz pulses, and variations in photon counts are integrated over a preset dwell-time (∆t) using a field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA). The FPGA-generated time-series measurements, which eliminate the need for complex analog detection systems, are transmitted via Ethernet to a computer for further analysis. Quantum Photonic Vibrometer can detect mechanical displacements down to 110 nm and resolve vibration frequencies from DC up to 4 kHz with less than 0.01 detections per pulse.

The QPV setup includes a mode-lock laser producing 6 ps pulses at a 50 MHz repetition rate, an InGaAs APD for time-gated detection. A fiber optics circulator separates outgoing signal pulses from backscattered photons. The system employs a monostatic coaxial transceiver configuration with off-the-shelf optical components, such as a single-mode fiber (SMF) and an aspheric lens for collimation. The coaxial design eliminates the need for precise alignment when the target distance changes. The low numerical aperture of the SMF acts as a spatial filter, making the transceiver sensitive to spatial and angular changes in the returning signal caused by target movement. Quantum Photonic Vibrometer overcomes the limitations of intensity-based vibration sensors, achieving single-photon sensitivity for remote sensing and offering potential for advanced digital signal processing techniques for noise mitigation and analysis.

Why QCI?

At QCi, we not only specialize in developing quantum sensors but also take it a step further by designing and manufacturing quantum processing units (QPUs). Our QPUs are Entropy Quantum Computers (EQC) that can solve optimization problems and Reservoir Quantum Computer (RQC) that helps with machine learning. Our QPUs utilize optics-based technology, offering a unique advantage of directly feeding data to the processor from our sensors without the need for conversion to digital format and back to optical signals. This approach significantly enhances efficiency, resulting in notable power and time savings during data processing.

QI Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc., is a trusted provider of quantum technology solutions and services dedicated to serving the government and defense sectors. Our team consists of highly qualified, cleared personnels and expertise in research, development, and engineering. With this exceptional combination of skills, we are well-equipped to form a cross-functional team (CFT) comprising both tactical and technical experts. This CFT model will serve as our framework as we embark on DoD CRADA work and future programs. Our deep understanding of the DoD’s problem-solving approach, coupled with our company’s maturity in leveraging the talents of both technical and tactical minds, makes us an ideal partner for government engagements. We are committed to making it seamless for the government to conduct business with us, ensuring effective collaboration and successful outcomes.

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