QCi in the Quantum Marketplace

Rebel Brown

Rebel Brown

We had the opportunity to share a bit about QCi and our approach to quantum computing as part of the Quantum Economic Development Commission –  QEDC, and their Quantum Marketplace.  You’ll also find insights our quantum Use Cases across supply chain, financial services, energy and more. 

Here’s a synopsis below:

Democratizing Access to Quantum Value for All Users

At QCi, we take a different approach to quantum.

Our goal is to make quantum available to all users. That’s why our ready-to-run quantum optimization software, Qatalyst, doesn’t require any quantum experience or coding.

You simply submit your problems via the cloud to a variety of QPUs, including IonQ, Rigetti, DWave, and classical machines…. And Solve Them.

Qatalyst in Action

With Qatalyst, users, applications or workflows submit the problem to one of six functional calls via our API, and Qatalyst does the rest.

The same problem is submitted across all QPUS and Classical systems –no need for special coding for different hardware. Qatalyst automatically transforms the problem into a QUBO.

Using Qatalyst takes less than one day for your subject matter experts and programmers to learn, using familiar concepts. They simply add calls to workflows.

Graph Analysis problems, such as community detection, are automatically transformed, as well.

In the Qatalyst Core, a variety of quantum and classical algorithms and functions, are applied based on the specific computation. No low-level coding is required for individual QPUs. And you have seamless access to your choice of classical, hybrid, or quantum.

The problem is then submitted to your target machines for processing.

Once the iterative computations are completed, the diverse results are analyzed, and optimum results returned.

Qcontrol monitors and manages the end-to-end submission so you can track progress and delivers results in our admin portal.

Qatalyst vs. Quantum Programming

We all know a visual speaks 1000 words, so here’s more than 1000.

In the video, you’d see the code required by SDKs to the left (a scrolling monster of code) to solve a simple constrained optimization problem.

On the right – is what you need to use Qatalyst (4 lines of code).

As one of our partners, a PhD in Theoretical Physics attested:

“I’ve worked with a popular Quantum open-source SDK for over 8 months. I just found a way to program a simple problem yesterday.

“With Qatalyst, I was solving problems 2 days after I received access.”

This says it all: Qatalyst removes the complexity so you can explore quantum value without the risk of large investment.

Accelerating Your Quantum Exploration with Lower Investment

Speaking of quantum exploration… Let’s chat about our Path 2 Quantum Consulting work.

Our customers and partners wanted a more structured approach to quantum exploration—even though we all agree that running anything on a QPU is cool.

Today, our QCi consultants leverage Qatalyst to guide customers to define their best path to quantum value.

Path to Quantum insights include:

  • Identifying quantum-possible problems and the best QPUS to explore.
  • Testing and measuring those problems across processor types and configurations (pure quantum, hybrid quantum computing, and more.
  • Deliver analysis to provide insights into quantum value today, key preparation to take advantage of that value and realistic expectations for the future.
  • ALL without having to develop quantum algorithms, software, or hardware coding for processors. Accelerating exploration while reducing investment and risk.

Industries of Focus: Diverse Applications of Quantum Optimization and Graph Analysis

We work in markets where quantum optimization and community detection offer valuable insights to critical business decisions, including:

Financial services





Now let’s get to the use cases!

QCi Customers Exploring Quantum

Some of our current customer use cases include:

Supply chain risk assessment and optimization – as well as transportation and logistics optimization.

Fraud detection – including everything from money laundering to credit card fraud.

Optimizing insurance underwriting services.

Oil and gas pipeline optimization, water management, and logistics.

Wind energy optimization of the design/placement of wind turbines in new wind fields for optimum power.

The Bottom Line

At QCi, we believe that we all need to work together to build credibility and value for quantum computing. That’s why we want to chat with you about your quantum solutions so we can share them with others.

We’re always ready to have a conversation.  Just reach out!